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Номер подписан в печать: 1-4-2007
Учредитель: Даниленко Василий Иванович, w.danilenko@nbpublish.com
Издатель: ООО <НБ-Медиа>
Главный редактор: Попова Светлана Михайловна - Doctor of Political Science, Институт демографических исследований ФНИСЦ РАН, Ведущий научный сотрудник, 119333, Россия, г. Москва, ул. Фотиевой, 6 к.1, sv-2002-1@yandex.ru
ISSN: 2454-0684
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Выпускающий редактор - Зубкова Светлана Вадимовна
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Содержание № 04, 2007
Д.Н. Сергеев - Модель федеральной системы конституционной юстиции России. c. 4-16
Аннотация: The educational institutions are key to the system of education, which structurizes the specific fields of study in accordance with ages and specific features of personality development of the students, as well as with their education background. This article by A.G. Knyazeva is devoted to classifications of types and kinds of educational institutions.
Миграция и адаптация
С.А. Ганифаева - Миграция как социальный процесс: к теории определения. c. 60-66
Аннотация: Institituion of knowing persons in the criminal judicial proceedings have been developing since XI century and gained much detalization. In this article, the author reviews its evolution up to 1917.
А.Г. Кинтерая - Предметы совместного ведения Российской Федерации и ее субъектов в системе государственных полномочий: понятие и содержание. c. 27-31
Аннотация: The problems of interbudgetary relations from the very start of the market reforms were obviously acute. The conflict in this sphere lasts since 1990s, and it has came into the chronic form. At the start of the reforms, the situation was close to explosion. At the modern stage one can speak of modernization of the interbudgetary system, rather than its complete transformation, which, in turn, has to do with above-mentioned problems and traditions of the state policy.
С.Г. Верещагин - Налогово-бюджетные отношения в практике политического процесса на современном этапе. c. 39-50
Аннотация: From the moment, when migration was singled out as a scientific category, it has always been viewed against some background, such as economical, social, cultural, demographic, ethnical, and this is no accident. On one hand, migration processes are much determined by the changes in the life of one (or several) societies, so they indicate the level of development of social, ethnical, political spheres of such societies. On the other hand, being varied, different migration groups can have many specific features, which also influence the conditions at both the society, which receives the migrants, and the society, where they come from…
Б.И. Зеленко,В.Д. Смыков - Формирование межбюджетной системы в России: политико –правовые коллизии. c. 51-55
Аннотация: Morals are much inluenced by the outside conditions, and such outer influence is not always positive. Indeed, within the context of the “conflict of civilizations” it may gain quite a negative aspect to it, such as the cult of power, deprecating attitude to human life an values, etc… The problem of legislative protection of the public morals, thus, becomes topical, and the author of this article expresses his views on modern tendencies and possible solutions…
Г.А. Есаков - Уголовно-правовая семья общего права: «дочерние» правопорядки. c. 0-0
Аннотация: Is the federal system of constitutional justice a panacea of all evils? Having reviewed this problem, D.N. Sergeev came to a conclusion, that, while not being able to become a defining factor in the change of the structure of the Russian state, constitutional justice is capable of optimizing the federal system in the Russian Federation and strengthening the ties between the subjects of the Federation, making the relations between the Federation and its subjects more symmetric.
А.В. Батанов - Муниципальная власть: понятийная и функциональная характеристика. c. 17-26
Аннотация: The tax system is a rather complicated political, economic and legal matter. Its complicated nature is pre-defined by the nature of its components, and it mirrors the existing political structure of the state, gets pressured by the politically active part of the society (political parties, lobbies, etc.), which, in turn, makes the tax system even more self-contradicting…
А.Г. Князева - Общеобразовательные учреждения: понятие, типы, виды. c. 32-38
Аннотация: The period of time, which is the subject to this study includes into itself two opposite tendencies. One of these tendencies, embodied in Art. 544 of the Civil Code of France of 1804, is that “Property is a right to use and dispose of things in a most absolute way”. In other words, this tendency presupposes that any owner can satisfy any interest, flowing from his ownership of a thing. The nature of the second tendency can be shown on an example of Art. 153 of the Constitution of the German Empire of August 11, 1919. “The ownership implies obligations. Use of property should at the same time serve the common good”. Thus, the owner has to facilitate the common good. How was the compromise found between these two tendencies?
А.С. Омельченко, В.В. Момотов - К вопросу о новых тенденциях в разрешении споров о праве собственности судами стран Западной Европы и США в конце ХХ в. c. 56-59
Аннотация: The peace treaties of Russia and Bysanthium are valuable sources of international law, which provide us with information on social, political and economic ties between these states. Russia, which enjoyed vast material and cultural resources, held a prominent place among the countries of Europe and Asia, and the treaties of the Xth century had their say in the international policy between the two above-mentioend states. Moreover, while many scientists classify such treaties as commercial treaties, as the author of this article points out, there was more to them, than just commerce…
Б.И. Исмаилов - Современные тенденции правовой регламентации защиты общественной нравственности. c. 67-74
Аннотация: This article was written by V.S. Nersesyants in 1973, and he sent it to the “Chess” journal in the Baltic Republics, however, the journal refused to take the article. Later on the author had a number of opportunities to publish the article, which was in the form of a phylosophical essay, however, he preferred not to do it…
Е.П. Гришина - Правовое закрепление института сведущих лиц в узаконениях Российского государства до 1917 г. c. 0-0
Аннотация: It is well known, that the key categories of comparative legal studies are those of “legal system” and “legal family”. Their existence is not subject to much scientific discussion, however, it is at times hard to draw a line betweeen them, especially taking into account existing “filial” and “hybrid” legal orders…In this article the review of “filial” legal orders is based upon the example of the common law legal family.
Р.Л. Хачатуров - Мирные договоры Руси с Византией. c. 75-79
Аннотация: Dear Reader! You’ve just read the article by the late Academician V.S. Nersesyants, which did not have to do with his main field of interest and work – the phylosophy of law. Moreover, this article was never ever published before now….
В.С. Нерсесянц - Трудная партия Бобби Фишера. c. 0-0
Аннотация: Does the state power come to its limit at the level of territorial groups, that is where the local government works? Can one said that the local government and state power are mutually independent within the political system, which integrates both of them into itself? What is the role of local government in formation of the institutions of the civil society and the jural state? What are the specific features of local government? In this article A.V. Batanov searches for answers to these and other topical questions…
А.Х. Саидов - Головоломка для гениев или Послесловие к статье В.С. Нерсесянца. c. 0-0
Аннотация: This article contains analysis of the spheres of joint competence of the Russian Federation and its subjects. As the author points out, the analysis of provisions of the Constitution of the Russian Federation clearly shows, that the list of such spheres, which is provided in the Constitution, is not complete…
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