Мировая политика - рубрика Психология международных отношений
Мировая политика
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Психология международных отношений
Петренко А.И. - A number of peculiarities of information-psychological influence during carrying out operations of information-psychological warfare c. 47-60


Аннотация: Information policy of any state, a social group or any other community has its own peculiar character because it is used to implement the certain objectives of those who set them. Information policy assists in efficient influence on people’s mentality; it is aimed at changing the individual’s certain structural elements (such as convictions, views, opinions, interests, ideals, motivation, aspirations, and so on). Information influence is efficient only in that case when it is aimed at the certain influenced groups. They can be both separate social groups (political, social or other people’s communities) and the whole nations, peoples, and sometimes the world community itself. Information policy is always implemented in the definite information-psychological environment. In reference to information-psychological influence in the framework of psychological operations information-psychological environment can be described as an integrity of subjects and objects on information-psychological influence and interaction; the information itself, which is purposed for applying by subjects of information-psychological environment; the information infrastructure, which provides a possibility of information exchange between subjects; social relations that are formed during formation, transformation, distribution, and storage of information, data exchange within the society.
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