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Международный сепаратизм
Manoilo A.V. - Comparative Separatism: World Experience and Russian Realities c. 141-169


Abstract: The concept of “separatism” is widely interpreted in modern political and legal practice. This concept implies: the raising of claims for the parts of state territories self-determination and their subsequent separation and independence (secessionism); the use of illegal methods (power) of management for the expansion of autonomous, federal, confederal rights. In some cases the separatist movement may operate in neighboring countries, supporting the unification with the neighboring country or its part (irredentism). Separatist movements create political parties, usually of nationalistic or military (terrorist) character and, if possible, a kind of “government in exile.”The methodology of the research is based on the system, structural and functional, comparative political approaches, the methods of analysis, synthesis, induction, deduction, and observation.Separatist movements today are spreading around the world. Currently, they are a global ethno-political problem. Separatism is aimed at separation of a certain area from the multi-national state and creation of an independent nation-state.
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