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Управление конфликтами
Манойло А.В. - Models of Information and Psychological Operations Used in International Conflicts c. 18-39


Аннотация: Existing current models, means, methods and technologies of psychological impact on conflict situations have rather clearly defined cultural-civilization and nation-state features. Overall, all of their diversity can be combined within the framework of four cultural-civilization models (or orientations): Anglo-Saxon (represented by the USA, Great Britain, and the British Commonwealth), Eastern Asiatic (China, Vietnam, Thailand, Taiwan, Japan), Roman-Germanic (Germany, France, Italy, and the Scandinavian countries) and Middle Eastern (the Islamic world, Arab countries, Iran, Pakistan, Turkey and Indonesia). Within the framework of the Anglo-Saxon concept of information psychological warfare, military actions play a subordinate service role, while the plan for an armed campaign is built according to the rules and in accordance with the scenario of psychological impact on one’s own citizens, on the citizens of political allies and opponents, and on the international community as a whole. This conclusion is confirmed by the USA war in Iraq, which, with some changes in the political and military situation, in fact, continues today. It is not by chance that the former USA Under Secretary of Defense, J. Nye stated, that “the war in the Gulf was seen by the world through the eyes of CNN.”
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