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Содержание № 03, 2014
Асадуллаев И.К. - New (physical) picture of the world? - Part 2. Expansion of similarity as a category of philosophy, Universal Law and Universal Form of Matter in Motion


Аннотация: Author considers that with the expansion of a similarity certain objects turn other objects into their likeness. It is manifested in space and time. Expansion of similarity occurs in the process of stability of things, phenomena, when an object retains its likeness. In addition, there is an expansion density when a second-level expansion occurs - uniformity of different scales. It is an expansion of religions, communism, democracy, and so on. Author emphasizes the attention on next. However, in a true democracy everyone has the right to refuse to be the likeness of others. But not in respect of democratic laws and human lifestyle. A man has to be like others in exercising democratic laws and rules of humanity. The article concerns such topics as: “Nobody has the right to forcibly turn others to his likeness, unless it jeopardizes security through the system of violence or genocide”. Motion of uniformity is one of the most important forms of motion of the matter contrary to its other form - constant generation of innovations, diversity and differences. Motion of uniformity has at least three "sleeves": expansion of similarity, reflection as a universal property of matter and invariance, philosophically perceived as preservation of uniformity in various systems, transitions and dimensions. There are many forms of expansion of similarity: social contagion, fascism or totalitarianism and others. In the theory of reflection, developed in the twentieth century, we come across with a more or less passive reflection of some phenomena by others, which is why the researchers sought to specifically identify the active substance of reflection as universal properties of the matter. It was not incorporated in the concept of reflection. Concept of reflection initially had no idea of creation and "aggression", had to be supplemented in theory. The methods of the research are the following: dialectical approach, materialism, structuralism, comparative method, systemic and organismic approach, functional method, cloning method in cognition, methods of induction and deduction, method of inverted hierarchies, when ultimate event determines the processes while individual phenomena affect the key factors. The novelty of the problem is that the concept of expansion of similarity is introduced for the first time and is regarded as a universal category, universal law of existence and universal form of matter in motion Author concludes that the novelty of the problem is that the concept of expansion of similarity is introduced for the first time and is regarded as a universal category, universal law of existence and universal form of matter in motion. The article for the first time describes the logic of alliances and associations based on similarity of subjects and people. It takes place in nature as well, when communities of such objects and phenomena emerge. There is a fundamental law of existence that reflects essential commitment of phenomena to create systems similar to it or to continue own similarity. Science has known many scholars that studied similarity of phenomena, the relations of identity and difference, replication and difference. However in this aspect, motion of similarity as unfolding in space and time, in a variety of scope and depth, the concept of similarity expansion without doubt must find mathematical, astrophysical, in other word, natural science aspects through identification of specific laws and relations. The main thesis of the author is next. The concept of expansion of similarity more fully reveals essential aspects of democratic process, and identifies specific properties of extremism and fundamentalism, in other words, their "bloody mutation", regardless of their political colour. Giordano Bruno most vividly and selflessly defended cognitive cosmological principle, which concept is determined by the expansion of similarity - the entire infinite and yet to be better cognized Universe is similar to the universe seen to us. Expansion of similarity is manifested as a method of cognition and principle of determinism.
Головина О.В. - The activities of the Russian Monarchist Union during World War І and the February Revolution: Historiographical Problems


Аннотация: At the modern stage of the development of historical science studying the activity of Russian Monarchist Union as an important part of the social and political processes in the territory of Russian Empire at the beginning of the twentieth century does not lose its significance. Therefore, the historiographical researches of this study and its complex current historical meaning still remain relevant. The particular significance of the historiographical researches of the activities of the Russian Monarchist Union during World War I and the February Bourgeois Revolution is determined by an insufficient state of knowledge regarding this problem, which means it can be classifed as ‘underexamined’. The article contains a general overview of the historiography of the Russian Monarchist Union in the Russian Empire during 1914 – February 1917: a study of the state of knowledge regarding this topic and the determination of relevant problems. The research is based on the fundamental methodological principles of historical study: historicism and objectivity. These principles are reflected by using a number of research methods employed in historiographical studies: general science methods, general historical science methods, and specific historiographical methods - in particular, the methods of specific historiographical analysis and historiographical synthesis. Based on the results of the research, the author summarises the previous studies of the activity of Russian Monarchist Union during World War I and the February Bourgeois Revolution. This allows the identification of the underexamined and debatable problems in studying the above-mentioned political associations, and the main trends and tendencies in the Monarchist Association’s historiography, which determines the tasks and prospects for further study of the Russian Monarchist Union and their activity during the period between 1914 and February 1917.
Le Bot O. - La qualification juridique de l’animal : d’une conception classique dépassée à la recherche d’une nouvelle catégorie juridique


Аннотация: La question du statut juridique de l’animal a fait son irruption dans les débats politiques et juridiques contemporains.Le phénomène doit être étudié d’un point de vue tant théorique que comparatiste, afin de mesurer l’ampleur du phénomène et étudier les réponses apportées.La doctrine comme les responsables politiques s’accordent sur un point : la qualification de l’animal comme un simple bien ne correspond plus aux représentations que s’en fait la société. Il en résulte que la catégorie juridique de l’animal est à réinventer. A cet égard, des formules novatrices ont semblé être retenu par certains ordres juridiques. Toutefois, un examen minutieux de celles-ci conduit à relativiser très largement la portée de l’évolution réalisée. En réalité, faire correspondre l’animal à ce qu’il est – un être vivant et sensible – nécessiterait que le changement de qualification s’accompagne d’un changement de régime juridique.
Political science
Bajrektarevic A. - The Caspian 5 and Arctic 5 – Critical Similarities


Аннотация: While the world’s attention remains focused on Ukraine, Crimea is portrayed as its hotbed. No wonder as this peninsula is an absolutely pivotal portion of the Black Sea theatre for the very survival of the Black Sea fleet to both Russia and Ukraine. In the larger context, it revels the old chapters of history books full of overt and covert struggles between Atlantic–Central Europe and Russophone Europe for influence and strategic depth extension over the playground called Eastern Europe. However, there are two other vital theatres for these same protagonists, both remaining underreported and less elaborated. Author brings an interesting account on Caspian and Artic, by contrasting and comparing them. He claims that both water plateaus are of utmost geopolitical as well as of geo-economic (biota, energy, transport) importance, and that Caspian and Arctic will considerably influence passions and imperatives of any future mega geopolitical strategies – far more than Black Sea could have ever had.
Международные организации и развитие отдельных отраслей МПП
Стычинская А.Б. - International protection of children’s rights: political aspect


Аннотация: The subject matter of this article is the institute of international protection of children's rights as a set of international legal norms regulating the cooperation of the States aimed at ensuring and protecting the rights of the child and as an integral part of the modern system of international human rights protection. The singling out of issues concerning children's' rights into a separate subject in the larger framework of international human rights protection was done for objective reasons: firstly, resulting from historical conditions, the social status of children is lower than that of adults, therefore, international children's rights protection has as its objective the promotion of their rights and opportunities on equal terms with those of adults; secondly, due to physical and mental immaturity of children they are in need of special rights and supplementary protection. The modern system of international protection of children's rights, which is an element of international protection of human rights, was formed within the framework of the United Nations Organisation, one of the basic principles of which is the proclaimed respect for human rights and freedoms and reprobation of any sort of discrimination.
Political science
Карякин В.В. - Strategies of indirect actions, “soft power” and technologies of


Аннотация: The article is devoted to analysis of formatting of political spaces instrumentations by means of strategies of indirect actions and technologies of “operated chaos” for organization of "colored revolutions" in the post-Soviet space and in the Near East region. Characteristic feature of the beginning of the XXI century is a critical dependence of state institutes stability on application of information-network technologies for destruction of bases of statehood which allow to solve political problems in a mode of transformation of social-political system of the country without application of armed forces and destruction of its economic potential only by means of influences on a moral and psychological condition of its population. Methodological basis of the research constitute systematic, structural-functional, comparative historical, comparative political, geo-political, cultural and civilizational approaches, methods of analysis, synthesis, induction, deduction, modeling, observation. The main feature of globalization is fast development and distribution of information technologies and social networks that become favorable environment for distribution of different information among the people and play an important role in initiation of protest movements in countries with severe economical and political problems
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