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Содержание № 01, 2024
Pasholikov M.S. - Organization of the Interaction Between the Pedagogical University and Institutions for Children's Additional Education c. 1-16



Abstract: We often hear regular statements from the mass media of specialists in the field of education that characterize the situation with the industry's staffing, such as, "There is no one to work." Indeed, there are still a number of problems in this area that need to be addressed. The Concept of the Development of Additional Education for Children until 2030 explicitly indicates the insufficient staffing of organizations of additional education and the low level of involvement of educational organizations of higher education in implementing additional general education programs. Updating the content of students' training, as well as the success of their professional socialization, is largely determined by the effectiveness of the functioning of the system of relations between an educational institution of higher education and employers. Within the framework of such cooperation, pedagogical universities offer programs for teachers at institutions aimed at improving their professional level. In turn, these educational institutions provide students with opportunities for practical training, which helps them to better understand professional realities. The article substantiates the relevance of the problem of building a system of interaction between institutions of higher pedagogical and children's additional education. Integrating pedagogical universities and children's educational institutions with additional training is a key factor in developing the modern education system. It contributes to the formation of a unified professional community that can effectively solve current problems in the field of pedagogy and education. The scientific novelty of the study consists in the fact that based on the concretization of scientific ideas and generalization of successful practices, the main categories of the interaction of a pedagogical university with a regional system of additional education for children are determined. The practical significance of the research lies in the possibility of using the proposed algorithm for building joint activities of a pedagogical university with educational organizations implementing additional educational programs in the design and implementation of basic professional educational programs, the development of educational, industrial and other types of practices that provide solutions to the tasks of training student teachers.
Педагогическая психология
Andreeva E.V. - A Systematic Approach to the Study of Modern Students' Image c. 17-29



Abstract: The objective of this study is the image of a professional educational institution (university) student. The subject of the research is the use of a systematic approach in the study of the formation and development processes of students' images. The purpose of the study was to determine the place of the image in the vocational education system and its function and to identify the factors that ensure the formation and development of the student's image. The study was conducted based on the Department of Socio-Cultural Service and Tourism of the Institute of Languages and Culture of the Peoples of the North-East of the Russian Federation of the M. K. Ammosov NEFU. Based on the provisions of Talcott Parsons' theory of systems and structural and functional analysis, the results of the research of domestic and foreign scientists on the problems of the formation of the image of adolescents and young people, including in the learning process, the author considers vocational education as a social system in which the image of a student performs several functions. Both theoretical and empirical methods were used in the work, which allowed the development of a model of a student's image at a vocational educational institution to summarize the results of a study on the image of students of the North-eastern Federal University. The novelty of the study is that a model of the image of a student of a vocational educational institution was developed, based on which the structure of the image of students of a higher educational institution was studied, processes that occur within the image as a system, conditions, and factors that determine changes in the structure of the image. Based on the conducted research, conclusions are drawn that the image of students is a subsystem of the social system of vocational education, simultaneously acting as a mechanism for its preservation, as well as an independent system generating changes within itself, which ensures its safety, balance, and unity. The condition for preserving the image as a system is a change in the structure of the image that occurs in the university's educational environment due to the integration of various types of academic, scientific, project, and organizational activities.
Эффективность обучения
Bokareva Y.M., Novoselova O.A. - Chinese Philology Students Studying Russian's Cultural Knowledge of Russia (Based on the Results of a Diagnostic Questionnaire) c. 30-47



Abstract: Abstract: The subject of this study is the cultural knowledge of international philology students about Russia. The paper contains the results of a survey that was conducted for several years (starting in 2014) among students of the Xinjiang State and Xinjiang Pedagogical Universities (PRC, Urumqi), who studied Russian for two years using the textbooks "Russian Language for Universities" (created in China) and came to Russian as a foreign language for a one-year internship (during their third year of studying Russian as a foreign language) at Novosibirsk State Pedagogical University (NGPU), with a B1 level in Russian. The purpose of the work is to present a system of diagnostic tasks that allow students to identify the initial knowledge of philologists about the culture of the country of the language being studied. The purpose of the work is to present a system of diagnostic tasks that allow one to identify the initial knowledge of philology students about the culture of the country of the language being studied and changes in their ideas about the realities of Russian culture at the end of their year of study, to determine the basic cultural and country-specific information acquired during training by carriers of systemically different cultural values. Analysis of pedagogical, methodological, and educational literature on the problems of teaching foreign languages, including Russian as a foreign language, questioning of foreign speakers to determine cultural and regional knowledge about Russia, a method of describing, generalizing, and systematizing the data obtained, a method of thematic classification of cultural studies material presented in textbooks and assignments performed by students. The novelty of the research is determined by the material introduced into scientific and methodological circulation, obtained as a result of a survey and questionnaire of international students of philology, and by allowing the study of the image of Russia that has developed among international students. The study's main conclusions are related to the developed and tested system of diagnostic materials aimed at determining the level of cultural and regional competence of international students. The materials obtained allow international philology students to identify the basic culturally-oriented knowledge about Russia that they have after studying outside the language environment, as well as to track the changes that have occurred in their ideas about Russian culture during their studies in Russia and draw conclusions about the dominant cultural values of Russia in the language consciousness of international students.
Массово-информационные процессы в обучении
Golovkina M.V. - A Comparative Analysis of the Effectiveness of Distance and Traditional Learning Technologies in Universities c. 48-58



Abstract: This article presents a comparative analysis of the learning outcomes of higher education students using two different forms of learning: traditional offline learning and e-learning. The features of e-learning are considered. The study considers the widespread introduction of digital technologies in both electronic and traditional learning. The subject of the study is the influence of various forms of organizing the educational process based on the results of academic activities. The purpose of the study is to identify the most suitable forms that are most effective in modern conditions. The author used a comparative analysis of the learning results of distance and traditional forms of education obtained during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. The following objective criteria were chosen: student grades, average score during certification, and the number of students who successfully passed their exams. The work considers the difficulties of objectively comparing learning results of e-learning and traditional education formats. Despite this, it was possible to identify differences between different types of education, which are especially visible when conducting certification in a standardized format. In general, it was shown that students taught using the traditional format gained more professional skills and competencies than those who studied remotely. As a result of the study, preferred forms of training were identified, as well as the most effective ones. These formats currently include traditional learning, which uses the entire arsenal of modern digital content, and blended learning, which uses both conventional and online learning forms.
В потоке книг
Aleksandrova O. - Reflecting on the Images of the Macedon Kings Philip and Alexander in Current History Textbooks c. 59-67



Abstract: This research is based on images of famous figures of the antiquity era—the King of Macedonia, Philip II, and his son Alexander—and their reflections in the pages of fifth-grade textbooks on world history. Particular attention is paid to the correspondence of the information in school textbooks to historical sources and materials of historical research on these rulers. The completeness of the reflection of the images of the two most famous Macedonian kings is analyzed, as well as a system of tasks and questions that deepen knowledge directly about outstanding historical figures and the turning point of ancient history as a whole. The authors conclude that Philip's personality and activity are almost completely eclipsed by the vivid image of Alexander, which corresponds to general historiographical trends. Philip's era and transformations, which changed the course of Greek and world history, are briefly and casually discussed, or only one of the sides of his military reform is considered. This does not allow us to fully assess the significance of this figure in ancient history and analyze his contribution to the transformation of the Greek world. At the same time, Alexander is presented in textbooks not just as a talented commander but, in fact, as the greatest hero of antiquity. His personality's negative aspects have been smoothed out and are practically not mentioned. In the end, all that remains is a brilliant commander and a talented ruler. It seems that this can lead not only to a distorted perception of specific historical figures' activities but also to the formation of an inherently vicious belief that timely reforms and transformations are of incomparably less value than military campaigns and conquests.
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