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Law and Politics

Адаптация французских законов об авторском праве к новым информационным реалиям. К новым сферам

Efremova Valeriya Vladimirovna

PhD in Law

Senior Scientific Associate, the division of Civil Law, Civil and Arbitration Procedure, Institute of State and Law

117420, Russia, Moskovskaya oblast', g. Moscow, ul. Znamenka, 10

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Abstract: This article provides an in-depth analysis of the French normative and doctrinal material and judicial practice on the questions associates with the creation and use of traditional and nontraditional objects of copyrights in the conditions of digital realities. The work reveals the changes in legal relations established between the actors of copyright law within the environment of the global information society. The author examines the modern European, and particularly, French legal mechanisms of regulation of the author relations. It is noted that France in a timely manner reacts to the new demands of digital reality with legal support, even though preserves the historically formed conceptual foundations of copyright law. These foundations are currently still being based on the maintenance of balance of interests of the author of the intellectual property and the society. The author is first in Russian to examine and generalize the modern experience of legal regulation of author legal relations in France that accumulated in the area of creation and use of the works and other objects of copyright law within the information environment and presents considerable importance for the assessment and improvement of the European legislation on copyright law. The author explored the legal regime of multimedia products, including websites and audiovisual works. The article also underlines the achievements of French legislation on the course of intersection of the legal and digital realities. 


audiovisual work, literary work, multimedia product, copyright, website, Intellectual Property Code, computer program, database, Internet, author

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