Статья 'Рецензия на книгу: О. И. Крассов. Земельное право в странах Африки. М.: Норма: ИНФРА; М. , 2016. – 416 с.' - журнал 'Law and Politics' - NotaBene.ru
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Law and Politics

Рецензия на книгу: О. И. Крассов. Земельное право в странах Африки. М.: Норма: ИНФРА; М. , 2016. – 416 с

Dubovik Ol'ga Leonidovna

Doctor of Law

Chief Scientific Associate, Institute of State and Law of the Russian Academy of Sciences

119019, Russia, g. Moscow, ul. Znamenka, 10

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Abstract: This peer review examines the basic theoretical approaches used during the course of the comparative legal research of land law in the countries of African continent, as well as describes the structure of O. I. Krassov’s monograph, which contains a combination of the general characterological features of legal systems in African countries with analysis of evolution of the land law in various African states. The work presents the author’s assessment of the impact of multiple social, economic, environmental, historical, and religious factors upon the current situation regarding the use and preservation of lands in the continent. The peer review reflects the conclusions and argumentation of the author that pertain to the phenomenon of legal pluralism as the foundation of legal systems – the so-called hybrid that combine various elements, or in other words, laws based on Islam, Pygmy common law, French civil law, customs, etc. Krassov’s position on the prevalence of negative consequence of the land reform in a number of African states over the positive is also being supported, as the ideas of private ownership to land have always been alien to people. The article analyzes the peculiarities of regulation of the women’s right to land, as well as their limitations. The substantiation of the analysis on connection between land and water laws, and the rights to land and rights to water is being highlighted.


Natural resources, Community law, Legal system, Legal pluralism, Common African law, Land, Land ownership, Land reform, Law, Africa

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