Статья 'О соглашениях родителей, супругов и других членов семьи в медиации и семейном праве: предложения по совершенствованию законодательства.' - журнал 'Law and Politics' - NotaBene.ru
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Law and Politics

О соглашениях родителей, супругов и других членов семьи в медиации и семейном праве: предложения по совершенствованию законодательства

Krasnova Tatiana

PhD in Law

Docent, the department of Civil Law and Procedure, Tyumen State University

625000, Russia, Tyumen, Semakova Street 10

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Abstract: The article is devoted to the analysis of the nature of mediation agreements as a result of conflict resolution between parents, spouses and other family members. The author studied the relationship between these agreements, and agreements concluded between the same subjects in accordance with the requirements of family law. A conclusion is made on the validity of agreements between parties in family legal conflict in mediation. It is revealed that in some cases mediation agreements with observance of all norms of the legislation on mediation will be negligible from the perspective of family law. The paper used General scientific (analysis and synthesis, abstraction and specification) and private-scientific methods of research (formal-legal, technical-legal). It is argued that depending on the terms of mediation agreements, for the specified legal consequences should comply with the requirements provided for family and legal agreements with the same content. The author takes into account the difference in purpose of the two types of studied agreements and preclude their identification. To resolve the resulting conflict, the author offers a new approach to understanding the nature of mediation agreements. This approach ensures the logical completion of the settlement of family legal dispute, but excludes the change in family relationships without concluding a family law agreement. To determine the list of necessary family and legal agreements, the author provides classification of family legal conflicts, and identifies all types of conflicts arising from a family relationship that are subject to legislation on mediation. According to the author, the proposed theoretical developments will be significant in creating legal rules in the field of methodical ensuring activities of mediators.


Parental agreement, Spousal agreement, Family mediation, Mediated agreement, Agreement, Family legal relations, Family law conflict, Mediation, Family agreement, Family law

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