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Law and Politics

Земли лесного фонда Африки

Averina Kristina Nikolaevna

PhD in Law

Associate Professor, Department of Civil Law and Process,  The Academy of Public Service and Administration of the Komi Republic

167000, Russia, g. Syktyvkar, ul. Kommunisticheskaya, 11, kab. 508v

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Abstract: In the modern world one of the biggest problems with the forests of the African continent is deforestation. According to the latest research, Africa holds a second place in the world in deforestation. The problem of deforestation is being examined in combination with the consequences of climate change. The author focuses not only on the traditional approaches towards use of forest resources, but also legal regulation of rational use and sustainable development of forests. The author also explores the prospects of development of environmental tourism in a number of countries of the African continent. This work presents the analysis of the main causes for the mass deforestation and a significant decrease in the forestation of the African continent. Traditionally, the state of forest land is assessed on the example of the nations of Fennoscandia, Canada, and the United States. The author’s attempt to analyze the development of the forestry of Africa allows us to become familiar with the traditions and customs of the indigenous people, who use the forest for their everyday life, as well as allows us to evaluate the efficiency of the measures undertaken by the states of the African continent on rational use and sustainable development of the forests.                                                                                                          


Forest lands, Forestry department, Indigenous people, Environmental tourism, Non-wood products, National forests, Forest fires, Community zones, Traditional use of forests, International forestry research

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