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Статьи автора Чеглаков Александр Дмитриевич
Культура и искусство, 2021-6
Cheglakov A.D. - The pursuance of naturalness as one of the key trends in the sphere of modern wooden sculpture: domestic practice c. 44-50


Abstract: This article is dedicated to modern trends in the art of wooden sculpture. The key question raised in the article consists in drawing the line between art and craft. The problem of distinguishing between these two terms is one of the crucial issues of the theory of art. Having examined the works of multiple contemporary artists in the genre of wooden sculpture, the author comes to the conclusion that the fundamental difference between craft and artistic wooden sculpture is the pursuance of naturalness by the artists, work with unfinished wood, fixation of the natural the beauty of the material, which is not much inherent to craftsmen. Turning to the modern ecological trends, it is suggested that the task of a contemporary artist and a human who desires to live in harmony with nature lies in cognizing the beauty of nature, even in its unsightly forms. The author claims that the greatness of nature is its diversity, in the current era of excessive production (for example, oversaturation), which also pertains to art objects, our shared goal is to working with the objects discovered, which are exposed to minimal processing, and first and foremost, demonstrate the beauty of nature.
Человек и культура, 2021-4
Cheglakov A.D. - Assemblage technique in creating modern wooden sculptures c. 160-167


Abstract: This article demonstrates the manifestation of assemblage technique in modern wooden sculpture. The author describes the essence of this method. Special attention is given to another novelty of avant-garde culture – organic art, according to the philosophy of which, the world is depicted as organic whole, the uniform system with its own laws. The pedagogical system of M. Matyushin allows demonstrating the natural bound of man and nature in the artworks. Based on the developed creative method, the author indicates that contemporary art may combine such avant-garde trends as organic art and assemblage. Another important methodology that is similar to assemblage technique, and simultaneously verges upon the practices of kinetic art, is the creation of sculptures with spinning elements. The synthesis of techniques and materials allows expanding the boundaries of art by introducing into inartistic materials. The fundamental idea of this approach is to enrich the context of existence of the artwork and its history. It is stated that wooden sculpture allows the artists to experiment. The ideas and plotlines of wooden sculptures embody the artistic diversity of decorative and applied arts.
Урбанистика, 2021-3
Cheglakov A.D. - The peculiarities of emotional impact and therapeutic properties of wooden sculptures c. 34-41


Abstract: This article explores the ability of wooden sculptures and objects to influence psychoemotional state of a person. It is noted that the expanding gap between man and nature due to the rapid development of large cities along with the natural factor receding into the background, generate the fundamentally new problematic and applied field that requires the creation of operational mechanisms to release the growing tension in the context of alienation from nature. It is stated that one of the recent achievements of the European scientific community consists in classification of this problematic as the nature deficit disorder, as well as in first steps towards resolving this issue in form of natural therapies – specific ways of human interaction with nature. The author traces and analyzes the possibility of using wooden sculpture as one of the instruments for stabilization pf psychoemotional and physical state of a person via interaction with natural material. Thus, the development of wooden sculptures and their inclusion into training, educational and rehabilitation programs indicates the properties of wooden sculpture as an affordable and effective therapeutic instrument.
Архитектура и дизайн, 2020-2
Cheglakov A.D. - The nuances of wood dye in the process of creating the original wooden sculptures c. 35-42


Abstract: This article discusses the ways to improve the decorative qualities of wood that are known to mankind since the ancient times, as well as the techniques of working with wood that have improved over time. The author underlines the importance of the proper choice of finishing materials, which is intended for not only preserving the cultural sites, but also making a certain aesthetic perception. The choice of materials is substantiated by the nature of wood, as well as the, the conceptual idea of the artist. The article explores the key methods of finishing woodworking in the process of creating the original wooden sculptures. The author lists the main types of wood finishing, as well as some of the original techniques. It is noted that there are various technologies of wood dye. A description is given to the treatment of wooden surface with wax in its traditional and modern form; as well as to some original techniques such as the woodworking affected by bark beetle and glazing. It is stated that the proper glazing gives wood strength and resistance, protecting from various influences and significantly extending its durability. Particular attention is turned to the method of gilding and implementation of this ancient technique in modern wooden sculpture. Recommendations are given for the proper selection of applicators to maintain wood dye.
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