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Статьи автора Гордеев Денис Игоревич
Litera, 2018-3
Lykova O., Gordeev D. - Paralinguistic Indicators of Lies in speech (Based on the Analysis of the Russian Language) c. 257-268


Abstract: The article provides an overview of prosodic and acoustic indicators of deception. The research was conducted on the basis of frequency spectrum analysis of 108 speech fragments which had been obtained by segmenting the 12-hour long audio recording. Although modeled deception situations are proven to give accurate results in deception detection, the experiment is not a modeled deception situation which allows greater accuracy by considering involuntary changes in the subject's voice caused by their genuine emotions such as fear of being exposed.Frequency spectrum analysis of speech fragments showed an increase in pitch frequency of the subjects speech during deception compared to their speech in the absence of psychological stress. Data on such markers of deception as response latency changes, rising tone, laughter and filled pauses were also obtained. The cross-cultural study of prosodic and acoustic indicators of deception on the basis of the Russian language is of interest nowadays because it allows to compare the obtained results both with those of foreign researchers and those gained in modeled deception detection experiments.
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